Trading Journal

March 1, 2022
Trading Journal
One of the most common mistakes everyone makes when investing money in the market is not having a solid plan for each possible scenario, bullish or bearish. We've all seen the huge uptrend after the COVID crash on March 2020, but markets are efficient and can correct at any point in time.
For that reason, best we can do is having a journal stating how to trade the market in any given condition. Ask yourself: "What do I have to see to keep my bullish/bearish bias?", "Is the market showing weakness or strenght?", "Am I being invalidated in this trading idea?", "How long can I hold this underwater position?"
Answer those questions and you will outperform 90% of the traders in the market. This could mean the difference between being profitable or losing money. It's not easy, but it's totally worth it.
There are lots and lots of software to track this information, but I personally use Airtable for this matter. This cloud based solution is a kind of spreadsheet-on-steroids, where you can store different types of data, automate workflows, create applications and so on. It's good, it's free. More than enough to track your trades.