Hi there!
Thank you for reaching the site. My name is David Arroyo and this blog is my personal view on how factories are organized nowadays and how they could improve their processes. This is a one-man show, so please be kind 😄
I'm a young man who has always been obsessed with tech, and firmly believe it's the key vehicle for growth. Coming from an engineering background and been working in operations since 2013, I quickly realized there were many tasks that could be automated using digital manufacturing tools without spending a fortune.
My goal is to help factories to find useful and affordable technology, specially in this ever-changing world, where thousands of new apps are released every day. These facilities are literally the source of all our daily product, but there are still too many of them running their production on spreadsheets. Instead, factories could tailor software to solve their problems and be more competitive 🏭💪
This site is my public journey where I share my interests and experiences of my professional life. Hope you like it!